Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ
Iglesia Católica Ecuménica de Cristo
Ökumenische Katholische Kirche Christi
Ecumenical Kanisa Katoliki la Kristo
Œcuménique Église catholique du Christ
კონსტანტინეპოლის კათოლიკური ეკლესია ქრისტეს
Вселенската католическа църква на Христос
Вселенский католическая церковь Христа
 كنيسة المسيح الكاثوليكية المسكونية 
Igreja Catolica Ecumenica De Cristo
Chiesa Cattolica Ecumenica Di Cristo


Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, Georgia, Hong Kong, India, 
Latin America New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Russia, 
Ukraine, The Caribbean, The Philippines, USA 

Holy See of  The Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ

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From the Office of the Ecumenical Primate

Archbishop Dr. Karl Rodig

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Моля, споделете с всички и, ако е възможно, преведете го на вашия местен език. Благодаря ти!
Будь ласка, поділіться з усіма, і, якщо це можливо, перекладіть на свою місцеву мову. Дякую!
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Please, if you can join us for Sunday Mass at our Cathedral at 11:00 Am, USA Eastern Time

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Easter A. D. 2021

Christus Resurrexit Vere! Alleluja!

Peace and Greetings in the Name of the Risen Lord to you all, beloved brothers and sisters of our Worldwide Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ!

    It fills me with great joy to greet you all on this blessed High Feast of the Church as we celebrate our Savior Glorious Resurrection!
    We are at aw at this wonder of all wonders that God who gave all He had, Himself for our Salvation through His beloved Son who suffered, died and rose for us in the Holy Spirit. 
    There is no other Feast in the World that can show such deep Love of God for us, there is no other happening in any religion  that can describe this deep meaning of God's Love for the world which He created.
    As Christians we are filled with an inner spiritual awakening that will not end, we are drawn to God's presence in Christ Jesus among us caused by that Fire of the Holy Spirit.
Oh Love divine, how can we acknowledge such mystery given to us, oh beauty of this everlasting Joy that fills our hearts.

    My dear brothers and sisters around the world, God has spoken to us through a final act of Redemption, God has delivered us from the claws of the Devil, God has shown us that He will never give up on us, pouring out this everlasting Love toward us and so that we are able to seek Him. Therefore, one day the Kingdom of Heavens will be filled with the unending number of faithful that returned this Love for God and Neighbor.

I wish you all a blessed Easter Season as you all celebrate within our Church families of the Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ around the World.
    May you all be filled with the Spirit of the Powerful Message of Christ: Peace be with you! May your brother and sister-hood be filled with the sincere desire to live toward the Kingdom of God that is for all of His Children born into this world.

    Despite the Pandemic and all the restriction we need to abide in order to save lives, we are able to pray and celebrate with each other in a safe way the Risen Lord in His loving presence within our midst. 

    As Christians we are Easter People, may we therefore all grow in and through Christ for a more loving world, may we rise to the Way, the Truth, and the Life that He always will be for us. May we speak up when injustice attacks our world and wars slaughter our brothers and sisters, may we help as we can those who endure famine and expulsion, those who are homeless, those who are fleeing their countries seeking a better life for their families. May we always see when evil tries to tear us apart as brothers and sisters. We shall always let our faith speak with the Heart of Jesus through the Holy Spirit. 
I can't wait to see you all again in your countries, and also meet the many new members who have entered our Church in many parts of the world. 

Greetings to all in your care, sending you my apostolic benedictions
Your Servant of Christ

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With the request and the acceptance by the 6 Nuncios of the Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ, the Nuncios will serve on the advisory board for the Ecumenical Primate


Metropolitan Archdiocese of Kenya:
Congratulations to our Nuncio for Africa, Archbishop Godfrey Siundu for his book, "The Power of Deliverance" he just finished!  The expansion of our Orphanage and School is ongoing, and the Completion of the New Cathedral is celebrated. The  faithful have grown in great numbers. Archbishop Godfrey could also welcome the Deputy Prime Minister of Kenya.  
Our Nuncio is also in talks with new bishops and church members from other churches who would like to join the ECCC in different parts of Africa. He is also in communication with the Orthodox Leader in South Africa who wants to join our ECCC. Blessed talks, our prayers are with you.

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Bishop Didier is working hard to expand his religious Order of the Companions of St. Augustine. His orphanage and school are blessed with the beloved orphans, children and care takers.

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Democratic Republic of Congo:
Rev. Deacon Munembwe Mukumba Damas has build up our school in Bukavu which he named after the Ecumenical Primate, Archbishop Dr. Karl Rodig Primary School. We send them all our prayers and love! Looking forward to visiting you all!

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Liberia-Sierra Leone- Ghana:
Fr. Emmanuel, Rev. Deacon Martin and the brothers and sisters are helping refugies and persecuted Christians. Our Prayers are with you always!

Metropolitan Archdiocese of Italy:
Our Nuncio for Europe, Archbishop Agostino Di Caro has been appointed Provincial of the NOSF (New Order of Saint Francis) for Europe. He has received new members of the Order in Italy and Hungary. 
As Nuncio I have asked him to be in communication with bishop Mina, his clergy, seminarians in Cairo, Egypt, and clergy members in Lebanon and Jordan. I was informed the negotiations for full communion with our Church are moving forward. Blessings and welcome to Bishop Mina and his Church!

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Our Nuncio and Archbishop Hristo has communicated with Archbishop Agostino to have new communities of our NOSF into the East: Bulgaria, Russia and the Ukraine.
Archbishop Hristo has also a priest in Jerusalem who will start a community of the NOSF in the Holy Land. Congratulations to you all for expanding the NOSF.



Metropolitan Archdiocese of India:

Congratulations Archbishop Dr. Sunny has acquired and renovated with his clergy and church members their new Arch 

diocesan Center in Kerala. He is also on Board for the Human Rights and Social Justice Commission for India.
Dr. Sunny has also a Sister religious Orden who wanted to join our Church in India. Prayers for you all.

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Sri Lanka:
Fr. Michael is working tirelessly for his mission that have expanded!
Vicar General Nicholas has revived his monastic life and creating a new spiritual environment for many to witness.
I am also wanted to extend greetings from our Fr. Dilkushan.

The Philippines:
Bishop Manuel is spreading the Good News of our Church at the Cathedral of the Sacrifice Valley. We wish him all the blessings in the large area of Bataan where he is serving so many.

Bishop Armando with his cathedral church is serving many people in the Luzon and Manila area. 

Our Provincial for the NOSF, Fr. Ted has expanded our Franciscan Mission work and received new members in our religious Order. Welcome and many blessings to you all.
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Latin America:
Our Nuncio and Archbishop Sebastian works tirelessly to travel and support out missions in Latin America. He went recently to Cuba to organize our missions there, expand our religious Order of the NOSF as well.

We have received a new priest, Fr. Leiber in Cucuta. Welcome!
We also in talks with a new priest in Bogota who will join us soon.
Blessings to you all.

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Archbishop Tony from California has been appointed Nuncio for the USA and her territories. His installation will take place at our Cathedral in Detroit on Pentecost. Congratulations and Blessings to your new task. Archbishop Tony is also working on our Manifesto for the Layman. And is in preparation for developing a cannon law department for our School.

Please pray for our bishop Jeffrey from Texas who is battling cancer!

Our Saint Anthony's Cathedral Liturgical House of Studies is doing very well! We seek to expand worldwide and are in communication in various Countries.

Fr. Tom Roberts, Ph.D. has been elected as the new Chancellor. Congratulations, Fr. Tom!
We wish you and the School board, and the advisory board much success in this honorable task! 

Please when you have students who seek a study online, please contact our school, either Mr. Garry Staszak or Fr. Tom Roberts.
This is a great opportunity to seek a degree and expand your horizons in theological, biblical and spiritual fields!

Peace and Greetings in this Holy Seasons to you all in our
 Worldwide Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ!

       It is my sincere prayer and hope that you are all safe and well in this time that has become so different from times past. Our Advent's reflections this year might have been different this year as we had to take into account the onslaught of the Pandemic that has taken so many lives, and shown so much suffering and makes us speechless. We ask ourselves where can there be joy that we used to had, where are the big and happy family gatherings that we always were looking forward to...?     Many of our church families had to form new ways of coming together for Sunday service, or have it suspended because of the danger of gatherings that could cause harm to others spreading the covid19 virus.
      An yet, in all of this we are reminded that we can still find joy that is nearer than expected, a joy that is different from just casual social happiness, it is a joy of a deeper spiritual awakening that touches our hearts and moves our spirits. It comes from a Love that God has shown throughout the centuries, a Love that needs a response from us, and here is the key that changes our so settled minds. In the Gospel of Luke the well known Magnificat of Mary shall help us. What went through Mary's mind? She, like Anna in the book of Samuel (name meaning "God heard") giving their Sons to God, not holding back, but letting God lead in it all, becoming aware of a promise that finds fulfillment. 
    Only in her humility can Mary accept God's will expressed by the Archangel Gabriel. The struggle of the mind is present till she speaks this YES to God's Will and it changes everything that was not planned, that makes the ordinary extraordinary. For us this YES to God will lifts also our spirit removes the veil of our blindness caused by self-absorption and confusion, the worries that overtake our daily lives, the uncertainties toward what lies ahead for ourselves and our loved ones, our communities, our world...
    Mary's and our unconditionally Yes to God is the breakthrough to a inner joy that others might call crazy, useless, misguided, etc.
    Only in this simple yes to God find we the true meaning of the birth of Christ: our Savior is born! All the glitter and worldly glamour that we have become so keen to, as nice as it is, will no longer be the main reason why we celebrate Christmas, but our personal relationship to the human and divine Jesus of Nazareth will be our focus. And this can and will change us and the world around us when we take these words serious and make them our own: "My soul magnifies the Lordand my spirit rejoices in God my Savior; because He has regarded the lowliness of His handmaid." This rejoicing shall be ours in these trying times, in our loneliness, in our despair, in our personal struggles, in our quest for the answers of the meaning of life, in our search for true and unconditional love, and the list goes on...
    Our Yes to God is already the answer, and to whatever calling we find ourselves in, God will give us this inner joy that helps us to walk through this dark times, and to find new longing for a better world that has written justice and peace on its banner, becoming more and more His hands of a loving people. 
    The Magnificat has touched me this year more than ever. Ask yourself, what word of Scripture can and will touch you to find an awakening toward God's message shown us in the birth of His beloved Son, born to bring a New Way of Life, sent to us to find meaning in His Word and Action, seeing in His suffering the agony and loneliness of the Cross, and yet in this darkest of moments the Light of that eternal Love of the Father ever present keeps the promise of the resurrection and our Salvation. You might find solace and inspiration in one of the great prophets like Isaiah, or other writings in Scripture that have changed the lives of millions of Christians in the history of Salvation.
     In this year's so fast changing world, we are being reminded that fear and suffering of this eon have not the last word, but that we shall become more aware, like Mary, in her Yes to God shown in her life's experience standing by her son's suffering, as he is put to death, and resurrect from the death beyond human imagination, she realizes that God's Love is always stronger than death, greater than earthly happiness, this Love that overcomes hate, denial, injustice, wickedness, deceit, war, cruelty and destruction... This God of so many names, so many mysteries, is the one that changes us, because "He has scattered the proud in the conceit of their heart. He has put down the mighty from their thrones, and has exalted the lowly. He has filled the hungry with good things, and the rich He has sent away empty. He has given help to Israel, his servant, mindful of His mercy even as he spoke to our fathers, to Abraham and to his posterity forever."

    From the bottom of my heart I wanted to thank you all for your great dedication in so many different services in our beloved Church, be it in the pastoral ministry, education, or social services, in the cultural and social environments we find ourselves in. 

    Wherever you are in this world, from the Philippines to Sri Lanka, to India, Pakistan, Europe, Africa, Latin America and North America, I want to thank you for the so many letters you have written throughout the past year, expressing your gratefulness for being in our Church, your Concerns, and your Joys. I see your love and honesty toward the hard work you are doing for the poor, the marginalized, the downtrodden, the abundant in society in building new communities, being present for the street children. I want to thank our St. Anthony's liturgical house of studies that has taken of ground and is expanding, and it will reach the ends of our worldwide church. I want to thank so many of you in your episcopal leadership of our Nuncios, and our bishops for welcoming in an ecumenical spirit clergy and faithful from other denominations finding a home in our ECCC, be it our brethren of the Orthodox Churches who have signed the Tomos with our Church, members from the Lutheran and Anglican Churches that have joined our Church, and the list goes on.
    At this moment, let our entire Church pray for our Synod in Italy that started in September 2020. It has been in preparation for quite some time. May it bear lots of fruit! God given, I shall be there for the Concluding Session in June of 2021.

    Wishing you all a Blessed and Joyous Feast of our Savior's Birth.
May He be reborn in our hearts, so that we can see anew with the eyes of Love.
And as this Pandemic has hopefully changed the way of living and thinking of so many in the World, may the New year bring for all of us and all of humanity a better and deeper understanding of a world where we are all God's Children that belong to each other.

May God give the Grace to see each other again and the so many I have not met yet.

With my Apostolic Benediction
Servus Dei
+Karl Ecumenical Primate


The Ecumenical Primate, Dr. Karl Rodig has recommended that Fr. Dr. Tom Roberts be the new Chancellor for our St. Anthony's Cathedral Liturgical House of Studies, and Archbishop Dr. Sunny Alappat from India to be on the Board as well.

We have a new Seminarian joining our ECCC in California, Brother Alexey coming from Utah, he will be trained and guided under the auspicious of our Metropolitan Archbishop for California, ++Dr. Tony Scuderri in Sacramento.
Our Parish in Los Angeles, Archangel, with pastor, Fr. Jacob, is under Archbishop ++Dr. Tony Sucerri's episcopal and diocesan leadership.
I want also to congratulate Archbishop Tony for his new book he just published, "And What Peace Can I Receive From God: The Miracle of Francis and the Leper"

Despite the Pandemic, our Cathedral of St. Anthony in Detroit, Michigan, has been distributing clothes and food for many homeless. We also have prepared Christmas gifts for over 50 Children.
Our Cathedral was hit by a heavy storm in November of this year, it has ripped of the roof of one of the Bell towers, and also damaged some of the upper windows. We have organized a fundraising to help pay the repairs.

These are also encouraging news from the reform movements around the world of which we are also a partner:
December 22, 2020
The 2022 Synod must be expanded to include lay people, especially women and young people
At this special time of our liturgical year
we are urging you to take some action steps to help move our church forward
Pope Francis has repeatedly said he wants us to be a "synodal" church. Understanding synod to mean “walking together,” it is our expectation that any coming synod will mean that lay people and especially women and young people are going to be walking together/side by side with the bishops and priests in this assembly.. But our fear is that they will be walking behind (two tiers, two rows, front and back) as has always been done in the past. In the Synodal Path assembly held in Germany this year, the bishops and lay people walked in side by side in a genuine synodal style. Pope Francis has called for a Synod in 2022. Our concern in advance is that this Synod will not be “the whole Church walking in a synodal way.”

At this moment, the Lineamenta (the preparatory document for the Synod) is already being drafted. Our concerns: Are lay people/women involved? Or is the document from the top down? Who is being consulted? Where is the distribution of the Lineamenta taking place? Is it going directly to a wider, inclusive group? In the old model, it went to the Conferences of Bishops, to the Pontifical University, and to the Union Superior Generals of men. But is it going to the Union Superior Generals of women or to International lay groups? Let us do all in our power to ensure that, finally, voting participants in this Synod will be more inclusive!

When the Lineamenta came out in Vatican documents on young people, there was no reference to the term “LGBT+” (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgendered, etc.). Young people requested that it be included in the document. It is a reality in our world and in humanity. On the synod floor, there were many disputes over this issue. African bishops declared they had no gay people in their country. When young people were asked what is missing from our Vatican documents, they said reference to sexuality. Rome is frightened of addressing this issue. When Francis came out with his Apostolic exhortation, these topics were left out. It was felt they were too controversial.

Our Opportunity to participate in submitting issues we want to see included in the 2022 Synod agenda
What can we do to address our concerns about the preparation for the October 2022 Synod? ln the name of our being a Synodal church, along with other reform organizations, let us commit to submitting our suggestions for agenda topics and positions to be addressed at this Synod. We insist on having lay people, especially women and young adults, included both in this process and in the right to vote.

Tomas Halik, Peter Neuner, Anna Hennersperger, and Paul M. Zulehner (from Austria) have created a survey and have invited all of us to take part in it. The survey is designed to give the Synod organizers a sense of the views of the People of God and encourage the participants to make bold deliberations and decisions. We strongly encourage every one of us to take the survey. Here is the link in English: Please pass this onto to your members and list of contacts. We must have a new way of thinking and writing about the church that is inclusive. This will not happen coming from the Bishops alone. We need to pressure them by making our voices heard.

The survey is available in both German and English. For another language, please use a computer program (e.g. to translate the questionnaire. Let us all commit to taking the survey and assuming a more responsible role in moving our church forward and joining in its governance.
Additional action steps we can all take
At the Amazonian Synod which was completed in October 2019, 185 members (mostly bishops but included some lay people from the nine countries that contain a share of the Amazon rainforest) at least a two-thirds majority reached approval to three resolutions: having a permanent diaconate for women; ordaining suitable and esteemed men of the community, who have had a fruitful permanent diaconate and received adequate formation for the priesthood; and introduce an Amazonian rite that expresses the liturgical, theological, disciplinary and spiritual patrimony of the Amazon.

We encourage all of us to reach out to Cardinal Pedro Ricardo Barreto Jimeno, S.J. who is the new president of the Pan-Amazonian Ecclesial Network, Rede Eclesial Pan-Amazonica (REPAM). This body differs from the old way of organizing in that it includes lay people and bishops working together. Our objective is to encourage this ecclesial network to move forward taking the steps they already voted on to better meet the needs of the Amazonian people. By doing so, not only the Amazon will benefit but all of us in the universal church globally will profit as well. Once these changes occur in one part of the world, it will open up the possibility for them to happen on other parts as well.

Please share this request with everyone in your contact list. The greater number and more varied ways we reach these leaders, each in our own style and language, the greater impact our outreach will have on effecting change. You can reach Cardinal Barreto in any one of the following ways:
a. at his personal email 
b. at the REPAM email
c. leave a message for him at his personal telephone: [64)243.049
d. send a letter to the Archdiocese Physical Address: Puno 430, Huanacayo, Peru
e. leave a message at the Archdiocese telephone number: (64)234.952
f. fax the Archdiocese at (64)239.189

Reach out to Cardinal Hummus as the new head of the new Pan-Amazonian ecclesial conference (CEAMA), established as a direct result of the Amazon synod. Again we are congratulating the participants of the Amazonian Synod for their good work and to encourage them to delay no longer. Make their resolutions a reality:
a. by sending a letter to his home address: Quito, Equador – Ulloa n24-109 e Av. Colon
b. or email him at

We encourage all who agree to sign the petition sponsored by the Global Interfaith community. They are an ecumenical organization calling calling for an end to violence and criminalization against LGBT+ people and for a global ban on conversion therapy. Mary McAleese, the former president of Ireland, is one of the promoters. To participate, go to
Join with us and be part of reforming our Church
As you prepare to make your end-of-year donations, we ask you to consider us. When you make a donation to support our cause, you join with others who are investing in restoring our Church to what Jesus intended. If you are part of the movement to stop contributing to your local parish and/or diocese, you may consider a donation to CCRI in its stead. The dollars we receive are used to run our programs and to reach a broad spectrum of the People of God. We are focused on reaching out to the Faithful, reform activists, young adults as well as those who feel abandoned by the Church, to mention just a few. Your personal contributions in offering us suggestions and your donations are most appreciated.

We wish all of you the very best for this Christmas season. Thank you in advance for taking part in any or all of these actions. Every single outreach can make a difference in getting our church back on mission as Jesus intended it.

Rene Reid
CCRI director

Our Nuncio and Archbishop Dr. Sunny Alappat has shown great work by reaching out and receiving more clergy and religious into our Worldwide Communion:

3 Benedictine Anglican Friars with the leadership of Bro. Robin Sebastian, are becoming one of our religious communities. Legal documents of the religious trust registration are in process. Once the legal formalities in India is completed, there would be diaconate ordination to 3 members. Later completion of theological studies (3 years)  we would proceed with priestly ordination.

We are praying for the church infrastructure in India, we are having the first cathedral religious house with a chapel at Kerala In India (Plot Size 8,700 Sq ft Appx. 5,000 Sq ft Building) . We have paid 70% of the amount and the balance 30% will be paid in Dec and the registration of the building will   take place together with the last payment. All the funds are borrowed. We would run some services to generate income and return the borrowings.

As directed / verified / informed by Fr. Fernandez in Pakistan, there are 3 brothers ready for diaconate ordination. And there is a sister for her first profession of vows. He has invited me to Pakistan. According to the pandemic situation / international flight  schedules on convenient travelling, further programs would be scheduled / organized.

Congratulations also to Archbishop Dr. Sunny Alappat for having become a member for the Human Rights Commission for India.

Fr. Fernandez in Pakistan serves many poor people and has expanded his services. We have also received new inquiries for seminarians wanting to be in our Church. 3 brothers are ready for diaconate ordination and a Sister for her first religious vows.

Sri Lanka:
Fr. Nicholas, a former Benedictine Monk wants to revive the Order in his Country. Prayers and best wishes.
Fr Michael has expanded his mission and has 9 new lay ministers assisting him with the school and the new missions. Blessings for your work!

Kenya: Our beloved Nuncio for the African Continent and Metropolitan Archbishop of Kenya, ++Godfrey Siundu, has been very active on many fronts, he is finishing the Church construction in Bungoma.
He had been chosen by different church and religious leaders, including the Roman Church to lead an ecumenical Conference in Kenya that was very successful. He also welcomed the Deputy President of Kenya and his delegation. 
Our Church is growing and showing her presence with a lot of respect by other denominations, religions, and politicians.
Thank you for your wonderful Work!


The Metropolitan Archdiocese of Cameroon under the leadership of Archbishop Jean de la Résurrection AMOUGOU will ordain Father Ferdinand KOA to the sacred Priesthood of Jesus Christ on December 31, 2020. This brings the number of priests of the archdiocese to 13. We congratulate you and all your wonderful people!

Msgr. Didier with the Religious Order of the Companions of St. Augustine with their missions in Cameroon has become a Prelature. This will be a first step to establishing a new Diocese. Congratulations! Thank you for taking care of the orphanage and school for the poor children!

Ivory Coast, Senegal:
Fr. Emmanuel is working very hard for the poor in his country, especially for the abundant children. Prayers for all his good work!

Democratic Republic of Kongo:
Rev. Brother Munembwe Mukamba Damas, NOSF 
2020-2021 School year, Monsignor Karl Primary School opened its doors in Kabare for orphaned and most vulnerable children of society.
From March 2021, the Reverend Deacon MUNEMBWE MUKAMBA DAMAS will make pastoral trips to the following provinces: Maniema Province, Greater Katanga Province and North Kivu...Thank you for all your good work! Be all blessed, especially the abundant children!

Latin America:
Thanks to all the efforts of our beloved Archbishop and Nuncio for the Territories of Latin America, ++Sebastian Pla, we can report the following:

The Ecumenical Seminary founded in Costa Rica by Archbishop Sebastian Pla is providing service to seminarians in Central America and the Caribbean, to date we have 24 seminarians, we also provide training when requested by a brother Bishop of the church within our territory.

Central America and Caribbean: Active missions in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Haiti

Bishops in South America, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela and Mexico, a new Vicar General in Colombia, Father Leiber Rojas.

Cuba: The NOSF, and the Ecumenical Franciscan sisters having  an new Mother Trinidad Mora Cabrera, the Orthodox Rite and the Latin rite are under Mons Fanurios Bishop Elect for Cuba and Canon Mons Stefanos.

Archbishop ++ Sebastian Pla has ordained 3 deacons in December 2020, including members of the NOSF.
The Latin rite is growing on the island. 

Mons Fanurios has worked very hard for the Church in Cuba, there were also confirmations and baptisms during Archbishop Sebastian's Pla visit in Cuba. A special Thank you also to Fr. Adalberto who has been instrumental for this event.

The names of the new deacons are:
1. Rev. Jesús Díaz Hernández
2. Rev. Maykel Crúz Rodríguez
3. Rev. Jorge Luis García Cesar (C. C. Brother Bernardo)

Congratulations for the Priestly ordination of Fr. Adalberto conducted in Italy by our Archbishop Agostino de Caro in Sicilia. Many years in the vineyard of the Lord!

Costa Rica:
Besides our missions in Costa Rica, there is also public soup kitchen for the poor within social works.
We have developed Catechesis, social pastoral, vocational pastoral, we have generated teaching and regulations based on the manifesto that has allowed us to regulate and govern the church in the territories added to this the result of the two local synods. We formed the Ecclesiastical Tribunal for the dissolution of the bond, by 2021 we are fostering our efforts for the expansion of the church.

El reporte de la administración apostólica y la Arquidiocesis Metropolitana de Costa Rica

Seminario Ecuménico fundado en Costa Rica bajo mi episcopado esta brindando servicio a los seminaristas de América Central y el Caribe, hasta la fecha tenenos 24 seminaristas, también brindamos la formacion cuando nos es solicitada por algún hermano Obispo de la iglesia dentro de nuestro territorio.

Tenemos activas las misiones en Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica Panamá, Cuba, República Dominica y Haiti

Lógicamente existen Obispos en Sur América, Perú, Ecuador, un Vicario en Colombia que es Padre Leiber Rojas, Venezuela y México.

En el territorio Cubano existe NOSF, y las hermanas Franciscanas Ecuménica teniendo a la Madre Trinidad Mora Cabrera y tememos el Rito Ortodoxo y el rito latino con el apoyo de Mons Fanurios Obispo Electo para Cuba y Mons Stefanos Canónigo,

En Costa Rica existen misiones y un comedor público para pobres dentro de las obras sociales, hemos desarrollado Catequesis, pastoral social, pastoral vocaciónal, henos generado magisterio y reglamentos basados en el manifiesto que nos ha permitís normar y regir la iglesia en los territorios sumado a esto el resultado de los dos sinodos locales. Conformamos el Tribunal Eclesiástico para las disoluciones del vínculo, para el 2021 estamos dirigiendo nuestros a la expansión de la iglesia

Archbishop ++Sebastian Pla ordenado 3 diáconos entre ellos miembros de la NOSF, el rito latino está creciendo alla en la isla y hemos tenido el apoyo de Mons Fanurios Obispo Auxiliar Electo de nuestro Rito Ortodxo para con ellos, Mons Fanurios es una persona que se ha esforzado y trabajado muy duro por la Iglesia en Cuba, tendremos confirmaciones y bautizos en m visita, la Madre Trinidad superiora de las franciscanas Ecuménica le envía su saludo, se hace necesario realizar estas 3 ordenaciones por necesidad pastoral para poder atender adecuadamente las comunidades de rito latino. Gracias tambien por Fr. Adalberto and Mons. Fanurios que eran instrumental por este eventos.

Los nombres de los nuevos diáconos son:

1. Rev. Jesús Díaz Hernández
2. Rev. Maykel Crúz Rodríguez
3. Rev. Jorge Luis García Cesar ( C. C. Hermano Bernardo)



1. In oct. 4th we begun the N.O.S.F. The two friars: fr. Andrea and fr. Pietro
2. We have ordained as a deacon rev. Piero Barulli
3 we have incardinated Rev. Mother Maria Vittoria Longhitano from the Anglican Church in Italy.
4. We begun the experience of the theological study within the St. Anthony's Liturgical House of Studies with our seminarians

On October 4th we will have the profession of the first two Italian friars of the new order of St. Francis and St. Clare.
On September 28th we will give the cassock to three new seminarians who will begin their formative journey with us this year.  They are very motivated and enthusiastic.  In all, at the moment our Archdiocese has 5 seminarians (4 men and 1 woman), one of them will be ordained deacon in December.
Almost all the offices are now open, albeit with many limitations, so finally on September 30th at 12.00 we will be in front of the public official to sign the founding act of the church .. after two years of hard work!

Attached in this email you also can see the planning and order of the Metropolitan Synod for Italy under the leadership of Archbishop ++Agostino di Caro

Archbishop di Caro is also appointed to be the Provincial for the New Order of Saint Francis and Saint Clare, NOSF, for Europe helping to better organize our Religious Order.

Rev. Akos Konya, NOSF who is a hospital chaplain, has reported of the sacrifices that the Pandemic has brought upon so many. He is doing his work with great vigor. Blessings and stay safe with your family!

Holy See of  The Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ

September 28th, Saint Wenceslaus, A. D. 2020

Peace and Greetings to my beloved brother in Christ, Archbishop Agostino, my beloved Priests, Deacons, Religious, Seminarians and all beloved faithful in the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Italy.

    It is with great joy to greet you all on the Eve of your Metropolitan Archdiocesan Synod for Italy that will bring deep spiritual moments of prayer gatherings, fruitful discussions, a new outlook for your ministry in Christ and a stronger sense of being growing and loving communities.

    Again, I want to greet you all with the beginning of the letter to the Philippians by Saint Polycarp, bishop and martyr (Cap. 1, 1-2, 3: Funk 1, 267-269) 

    "From Polycarp and his fellow presbyters to the pilgrim church of God at Philippi: May you have mercy and peace in abundance from Almighty God and Jesus Christ our Savior. 
    I rejoice with you greatly in the Lord Jesus Christ because you have assumed the pattern of true love and have rightly helped on their way those who were in chains. Such chains are becoming to the faithful; they are the rich crown of the chosen ones of our Lord and God. 
    I am glad, too, that your deep-rooted faith, proclaimed of old, still abides and continues to bear fruit in the life-giving power of our Lord Jesus Christ. He, for our sins, did not refuse to go down to death, and God raised him up after destroying the pains of hell. With a glorious joy that no words can express you believe in Christ without seeing him. This is the joy in which many wish to share knowing that it is by grace that you are saved and not by works, for so God has willed through Jesus Christ. 
    So prepare yourselves for the struggle, serve the Lord in fear and truth. Put aside empty talk and popular errors; your faith must be in him who raised our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead and gave him a share in his own glory and a seat at his right hand. To him everything was made subject in heaven and on earth; all things obey him, who will come as judge of the living and the dead. All who refuse to believe must answer to God for the blood of his Son. 
    He who raised him from the dead will raise us too if we do his will and keep his commandments, loving what he loved, refraining from all wrongdoing, fraud, avarice, malice and slander. We must abstain from false witness, not returning evil for evil, nor curse for curse, nor blow for blow, nor denunciation for denunciation. Always remember the words of the Lord, who taught: Do not judge and you will not be judged; forgive and you will be forgiven; be merciful and you will find mercy; the amount you measure out to others will be the amount measured out to you. Blessed are the poor and those who suffer persecution, for theirs is the kingdom of God."

    Saint Polycarp's words are uplifting for our faith life -as they were 1900 years ago- when we want to get rid of the chains of our modern society and some extreme religious authorities posturing in their prejudices: hate, persecution and exclusion because of what one is and believes differently as a Christian, and so we experience often the chains of hopelessness. It is therefore the manifestation of our very existence that we believe in this Love of Christ that will liberate us and show us a light that shines for all of God's Children in this world who seek understanding, acceptance, and a life in love.
    A your Synod is guided by the Holy Spirit, it will open new horizons for the deepening awareness of Christ's Love and presence among you.

    It is my desire that you all read and deepen the spirit of our Church "Manifesto" and the different documents of our Church guidelines which can be easily accessed on our international website.
Please see them under the website page, "Church Documents":  The Worldwide Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ 

    May you find through your Synodal gatherings a better understanding of our Ecumenical Spirit as a Church in this earthly home, like:
The Christian Church is Ecumenical in Nature; Peace and Unity among all Churches; All are welcome means inclusive; A permanent way of living as a Catholic Christian: Renewed daily - A ministry of Hope through Christ Jesus - No matter what.

    Our Cathedral Mission Statement of St. Anthony may enlighten a little what we are all striving for, and what we represent:
The Cathedral Family of Saint Anthony is centered in Christ, 
Empowered by the Holy Spirit, anchored in the Holy Bible, 
And nourished by the Sacraments. 

We proclaim, witness, and share the Good News of Jesus Christ. 

The Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ in her liturgical services 
And community efforts shall advance the peaceful 
And continued building of the Kingdom of God. 

In our ecumenical relationships with other Church Denominations, 
We celebrate Church Unity to the Glory of our loving God.

    Dear beloved Sisters and Brothers, 
it is my prayerful wish that you are all -whatever the the state of your life might be right now- discover anew this inclusiveness and love that Christ showed us, that you bare rich fruits in the Holy Spirit, and that you always seek this unity of charity among you on your journey with your ordinary archbishop Agostino Caro, and with me your Ecumenical Primate, as we walk together towards the heavenly Kingdom.

    I pray for you and hope, God willing, I can be present at the conclusion of your Synod to which I look very much forward.

     I want to conclude with the letter of Saint Augustine in his famous words, "For you I am a bishop; with you I am a Christian" from his Sermon 340,1 PL 38, 1483-1484

    "The day I became a bishop, a burden was laid on my shoulders for which it will be no easy task to render an account. The honors I receive are for me an ever present cause of uneasiness. Indeed, it terrifies me to think that I could take more pleasure in the honor attached to my office, which is where its danger lies, than in your salvation, which ought to be its fruit. This is why being set above you fills me with alarm, whereas being with you gives me comfort. Danger lies if the first; salvation in the second.
    To be honest with you, my obligations involve me in so much turmoil that I feel as though I were tossed by storms on a great ocean. When I remember by whose blood I have been redeemed, this thought brings me peace, as though I were entering the safety of a harbor; and I am consoled, as I carry out the arduous duties of my own particular office, by the blessings which we all have in common. By finding my chief you therefore in the redemption, which I share with you, and not in my office, which has placed me over you, I shall the more truly be your servant; and so not only fulfill the Lord’s command, but also show myself not ungrateful to him for making me your fellow servant. For my Redeemer has a claim upon my love, and I do not forget how he questioned Peter, and asked: Do you love me, Peter? Then feed my sheep. He asked this once, then again and then a third time. He inquired about his love, and then he gave him work to do; for the greater one’s love is, the easier is the work.
    How shall I repay the Lord for all the blessings he has given me? I could say perhaps that I repay him by feeding his sheep, but even though I do this, it is not really I who do it, but the grace of God within me. So when all that I do is the gift of God’s grace, how can I possibly repay him? As a matter of fact, I hope to be repaid myself, and this for the very reason that I love him freely and feed his sheep. But, you may ask, if I feed his sheep because I love him freely, how can I demand payment for feeding them? It is indeed unthinkable to ask for a recompense for love freely given unless that recompense is the loved one himself.
    But even if feeding his sheep could repay him for redeeming me, what could repay him for having made me his shepherd? To be a good shepherd I depend entirely on his grace, for without his help I should be a very bad one, there is so much evil in me. Pray, then, that I may not be a bad shepherd, but a good one.
     And for you, my brothers and sisters...Make my ministry a fruitful one. You are God’s garden, and you should therefore welcome the laborer who does the visible work of planting and watering the seed, even though the growth comes from one who works invisibly within you. Help me both by your prayers and by your obedience, for then it will be a pleasure for me, not to preside over you, but to serve you."

Sending you all my Apostolic Benedictions
With my prayers united in your journey
In Christ, our Savior

  • Pentecost, A. D. 2020

    (Please share with all your people! Por favor compartir con toda su gente!)

    Peace and greetings to you all throughout our worldwide Church Communion, on this Holy Feast of Pentecost as we celebrate the Coming and the Works of the Holy Spirit, the Birthday of the Christian Church!

        Thinking of you all in our different churches across the world, I am always touched by your love and service for all of God's people, and with whom we walk united toward the heavenly Kingdom.

        Through my personal contacts with our Nuncios, and the many of you who write me personally, we are connected through a sacred bond that the Holy Spirit bestows on us, the Love of God that emanates for us without cessation. It is exactly this divine presence of the Holy Spirit among us that keeps building our Church, and we see more and more people come to us seeking a place of a loving and accepting community where one can also find healing.    

        Today's Feast of the Holy Spirit reminds us of that divine power that we can experience in our lives, the gifts that he/she shows each one of us according to our needs and abilities. 
        Let us all reflect a little bit on the Holy Spirit with Saint Basil the Great, a bishop from the 4th Century who write so beautifully about the work of the Holy Spirit:

    "The titles given to the Holy Spirit must surely stir the soul of anyone who hears them, and make him realize that they speak of nothing less than the supreme Being. Is he not called the Spirit of God, the Spirit of truth who proceeds from the Father, the steadfast Spirit, the guiding Spirit? But his principal and most personal title is the Holy Spirit.

    To the Spirit all creatures turn in their need for sanctification; all living things seek him according to their ability. His breath empowers each to achieve its own natural end.

    The Spirit is the source of holiness, a spiritual light, and he offers his own light to every mind to help it in its search for truth. By nature the Spirit is beyond the reach of our mind, but we can know him by his goodness. The power of the Spirit fills the whole universe, but he gives himself only to those who are worthy, acting in each according to the measure of his faith.

    Simple in himself, the Spirit is manifold in his mighty works. The whole of his being is present to each individual; the whole of his being is present everywhere. Though shared in by many, he remains unchanged; his self-giving is no loss to himself. Like the sunshine, which permeates all the atmosphere, spreading over land and sea, and yet is enjoyed by each person as though it were for him alone, so the Spirit pours forth his grace in full measure, sufficient for all, and yet is present as though exclusively to everyone who can receive him. To all creatures that share in him he gives a delight limited only by their own nature, not by his ability to give.

    The Spirit raises our hearts to heaven, guides the steps of the weak, and brings to perfection those who are making progress. He enlightens those who have been cleansed from every stain of sin and makes them spiritual by communion with himself.

    As clear, transparent substances become very bright when sunlight falls on them and shine with a new radiance, so also souls in whom the Spirit dwells, and who are enlightened by the Spirit, become spiritual themselves and a source of grace for others.

    From the Spirit comes foreknowledge of the future, understanding of the mysteries of faith, insight into the hidden meaning of Scripture, and other special gifts. Through the Spirit we become citizens of heaven, we enter into eternal happiness, and abide in God. Through the Spirit we acquire a likeness to God; indeed, we attain what is beyond our most sublime aspirations—we become God." (
    From the treatise On the Holy Spirit, Cap 9, 22-23)
        May we all pray for receiving more gifts of the Holy Spirit that God wants us to share and edify our Community, the Church.

    Especially in these trying times of humanity through the pandemic, let us be steadfast in our Faith, grounded in the Holy Scripture, always ready to serve, and filled with the divine love that draws us near to God. 
    I want to sent you all these words from the first Letter of the Apostle John 
    (4: 7-21)
    "7 My dear friends, let us love one another, since love is from God and everyone who loves is a child of God and knows God. 8 Whoever fails to love does not know God, because God is love.9 This is the revelation of God's love for us, that God sent his only Son into the world that we might have life through him. 10 Love consists in this: it is not we who loved God, but God loved us and sent his Son to expiate our sins. 11 My dear friends, if God loved us so much, we too should love one another. 12 No one has ever seen God, but as long as we love one another God remains in us and his love comes to its perfection in us. 13 This is the proof that we remain in him and he in us, that he has given us a share in his Spirit. 14 We ourselves have seen and testify that the Father sent his Son as Saviour of the world. 15 Anyone who acknowledges that Jesus is the Son of God, God remains in him and he/she in God. 16 We have recognised for ourselves, and put our faith in, the love God has for us. God is love, and whoever remains in love remains in  God and God in him/her. 17 Love comes to its perfection in us when we can face the Day of Judgement fearlessly, because even in this world we have become as he is. 18 In love there is no room for fear, but perfect love drives out fear, because fear implies punishment and no one who is afraid has come to perfection in love. 19 Let us love, then, because he first loved us. 20 Anyone who says 'I love God' and hates his brother/sister, is a liar, since whoever does not love the brother/sister whom he can see cannot love God whom he/she has not seen. 21 Indeed this is the commandment we have received from him, that whoever loves God, must also love his brother/sister."

    With my continued prayers, and apostolic benedictions
    united in the Holy Spirit



    It is with great joy to announce that as of May, 2020, our Archbishop Dr. Tony Scuderi, NOSF has accepted to be the Protector for the Order of Franciscans of the Eucharist/Order of Franciscans Ecumenical under the leadership of Very Reverend Abbot Father Michael Cuozzo, OFE, M. Div. in Corona, California, Province of Saint Mary Theotokos. 

    May the new service of our Archbishop Tony be filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and may the members under their Abbot Michael of the Province of Saint Mary Theotokos grow in the service of the Lord. Greetings and blessings to all.

    Metropolitan Archdiocese of the USA:

    Rev. Br. Dr. Sam Fratczak, NOFS ordination is being plant for 2020. 

    Br. Morgan Meis, NOSF

    Sr. Carolyn George, NOSF

    Prayers and Blessings

    A special invitation to our local dioceses throughout the world:

    Please check out our theological courses that are being offered in our online study programs. Our metropolitan archdiocese in the USA, and Italy have started to be involved with the Programs.

    St. Anthony's Cathedral Liturgical House of Studies will focus on preparing students for ministry and laity for deepening their studies.

    Please contact, Mr. Gary Stasack:



    Fr. Dr. Tom Roberts


    to find out more and to seek advice if you have seminarians, or lay people, who would like to attend courses.

    The variety of biblical, theological, and liturgical studies are a great way to help one prepare for ordinations. 
    And if you do not want to be a minister in the church, but would like to widen and enrich your understanding in these study fields, this is a great opportunity we offer for you. We also working on a Spanish translation for the courses. 

    I really wanted to encourage you to become part of our study programs. You will love it. 

    How we say in English: Go for it!

    It is never too late to study. I have studied 11 years at three different Universities for Master, and two Doctorates :o)

    Congratulations to the ordination of Diaconate of Rev. Fabio Mascaro in June 2020, in Calabria, by our Metropolitan Archbishop, ++Agostino Caro. Many blessings upon your new ministry. Sending you our prayers and greetings.

    Our Archdiocese of Western Kenya has expanded their school/orphanage buildings, and almost finished the new cathedral building in Bungoma. Our local Christians work so hard to accomplish this task. Thank you all for your love and labor!

    We are getting new inquiries from former Roman priests into our Archdiocese of India. 

    Special Prayers for all our Christians in Africa who are suffering and being persecuted by war, famine, and hate!

    Last: as per new inquiries by new members of our Church, a reminder for our Eucharistic Celebrations in the different Catholic and Orthodox Rites:

    In our ecumenical liturgical prayers within the Eucharist where we commemorate the living in the Church we always say, 

    "We pray for the Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis, for the Eastern Patriarch, Bartholomew, for the Anglican Communion, Archbishop Justin, for our Ecumenical Primate, Archbishop Karl,..(which is followed by mentioning your local bishop of the ECCC) and your people you have summoned here before you in faith, and gather all your children throughout the world"
    Thank you!

    Paz y saludos a todos ustedes a través de nuestra comunión eclesial mundial, en esta Santa Fiesta de Pentecostés mientras celebramos la Venida y las Obras del Espíritu Santo, el Cumpleaños de la Iglesia Cristiana!

        Pensando en todos ustedes en nuestras diferentes iglesias en todo el mundo, siempre me conmueve su amor y servicio para todo el pueblo de Dios, y con quienes caminamos unidos hacia el Reino celestial.

        A través de mis contactos personales con nuestros Nuncios, y los muchos de ustedes que me escriben personalmente, estamos conectados a través de un vínculo sagrado que el Espíritu Santo nos otorga, el Amor de Dios que emana para nosotros sin cesar. Es exactamente esta presencia divina del Espíritu Santo entre nosotros la que sigue construyendo nuestra Iglesia, y vemos cada vez más gente que viene a nosotros buscando un lugar de una comunidad de amor y aceptación donde también se puede encontrar curación.    

        La Fiesta del Espíritu Santo de hoy nos recuerda ese poder divino que podemos experimentar en nuestras vidas, los dones que nos muestra a cada uno de nosotros según nuestras necesidades y capacidades. 
        Reflexionemos un poco sobre el Espíritu Santo con San Basilio el Grande, un obispo del siglo IV que escribe tan bellamente sobre el trabajo del Espíritu Santo:

    "Los títulos dados al Espíritu Santo deben seguramente conmover el alma de cualquiera que los escuche, y hacerle comprender que hablan nada menos que del Ser supremo. ¿No se le llama el Espíritu de Dios, el Espíritu de la verdad que procede del Padre, el Espíritu inquebrantable, el Espíritu guía? Pero su título principal y más personal es el Espíritu Santo.

    Al Espíritu se dirigen todas las criaturas en su necesidad de santificación; todos los seres vivos lo buscan según su capacidad. Su aliento capacita a cada uno para lograr su propio fin natural.

    El Espíritu es la fuente de la santidad, una luz espiritual, y ofrece su propia luz a cada mente para ayudarla en su búsqueda de la verdad. Por naturaleza el Espíritu está más allá del alcance de nuestra mente, pero podemos conocerlo por su bondad. El poder del Espíritu llena todo el universo, pero sólo se da a los que son dignos, actuando en cada uno según la medida de su fe.

    Simple en sí mismo, el Espíritu es múltiple en sus obras poderosas. Todo su ser está presente en cada individuo; todo su ser está presente en todas partes. Aunque compartido por muchos, permanece inalterable; su entrega no es una pérdida para sí mismo. Como el sol, que impregna toda la atmósfera, se extiende sobre la tierra y el mar, y sin embargo es disfrutado por cada persona como si fuera sólo para él, así el Espíritu derrama su gracia en plena medida, suficiente para todos, y sin embargo está presente como si fuera exclusivamente para todos los que pueden recibirlo. A todas las criaturas que participan en él les da un deleite limitado sólo por su propia naturaleza, no por su capacidad de dar.

    El Espíritu eleva nuestros corazones al cielo, guía los pasos de los débiles y lleva a la perfección a los que progresan. Ilumina a los que han sido limpiados de toda mancha de pecado y los hace espirituales por la comunión con él.

    Así como las sustancias claras y transparentes se vuelven muy brillantes cuando la luz del sol cae sobre ellas y brillan con un nuevo resplandor, así también las almas en las que habita el Espíritu, y que son iluminadas por el Espíritu, se vuelven espirituales ellas mismas y una fuente de gracia para los demás.

    Del Espíritu surge la conciencia del futuro, la comprensión de los misterios de la fe, el entendimiento del significado oculto de la Escritura y otros dones especiales. A través del Espíritu nos convertimos en ciudadanos del cielo, entramos en la felicidad eterna, y permanecemos en Dios. A través del Espíritu adquirimos una semejanza con Dios; de hecho, alcanzamos lo que está más allá de nuestras más sublimes aspiraciones: nos convertimos en Dios". (Del tratado sobre el Espíritu Santo, Cap 9, 22-23)
        Que todos recemos para recibir más dones del Espíritu Santo que Dios quiere que compartamos y edifiquemos nuestra Comunidad, la Iglesia.

    Especialmente en estos tiempos difíciles de la humanidad a través de la pandemia, seamos firmes en nuestra fe, basados en las Sagradas Escrituras, siempre listos para servir, y llenos del amor divino que nos acerca a Dios. 
    Quiero enviarles todas estas palabras de la primera Carta del Apóstol Juan 
    (4: 7-21)
    "7 Queridos amigos, amémonos los unos a los otros, ya que el amor viene de Dios y todo el que ama es hijo de Dios y conoce a Dios. 8 Quien no ama no conoce a Dios, porque Dios es amor.9 Esta es la revelación del amor de Dios por nosotros, que Dios envió a su único Hijo al mundo para que tuviéramos vida a través de él. 10 El amor consiste en esto: no somos nosotros los que hemos amado a Dios, sino que Dios nos ha amado a nosotros y ha enviado a su Hijo para expiar nuestros pecados. 11 Queridos amigos, si Dios nos amó tanto, nosotros también deberíamos amarnos. 12 Nadie ha visto nunca a Dios, pero mientras nos amemos, Dios permanece en nosotros y su amor llega a su perfección en nosotros. 13 Esta es la prueba de que permanecemos en él y él en nosotros, de que nos ha hecho partícipes de su Espíritu. 14 

     Nosotros mismos hemos visto y testificamos que el Padre envió a su Hijo como Salvador del mundo. 15 Todo aquel que reconoce que Jesús es el Hijo de Dios, Dios permanece en él y él en Dios. 16 Hemos reconocido por nosotros mismos, y hemos puesto nuestra fe en el amor que Dios nos tiene. Dios es amor, y quien permanece en el amor, permanece en Dios y Dios en él. 17 El amor llega a su perfección en nosotros cuando podemos afrontar sin miedo el Día del Juicio, porque incluso en este mundo nos hemos convertido en lo que él es. 18 En el amor no hay lugar para el miedo, pero el amor perfecto expulsa el miedo, porque el miedo implica un castigo y nadie que tenga miedo ha llegado a la perfección en el amor. 19 Amemos, pues, porque él nos amó primero. 20 El que dice "Yo amo a Dios" y odia a su hermano/hermana, es un mentiroso, ya que el que no ama al hermano/hermana que puede ver, no puede amar a Dios a quien no ha visto. 21 En efecto, este es el mandamiento que hemos recibido de él, que quien ama a Dios, debe también amar a su hermano/hermana."

    Con mis continuas oraciones y bendiciones apostólicas
    unidos en el Espíritu Santo
    el tuyo



    Es con gran alegría anunciar que a partir de mayo de 2020, nuestro Arzobispo Dr. Tony Scuderi, NOSF ha aceptado ser el Protector de la Orden de los Franciscanos de la Eucaristía/Orden de los Franciscanos Ecuménicos bajo el liderazgo del Muy Reverendo Abad Padre Michael Cuozzo, OFE, M. Div. en Corona, California, Provincia de Santa María Theotokos. 

    Que el nuevo servicio de nuestro Arzobispo Tony esté lleno de los dones del Espíritu Santo, y que los miembros bajo su Abad Michael de la Provincia de Santa María Theotokos crezcan en el servicio del Señor. Saludos y bendiciones para todos.
    Estados Unidos:
    Nuestra Catedral de San Antonio está preparando a nuestros candidatos al Diaconado:

    Rev. Hermano Dr. Sam Fratczak, la ordenación de la NOFS está siendo plantada para el 2020. 

    Hermano Morgan Meis, NOSF

    Hermana Carolyn George, NOSF

    Oraciones y bendicione

    Una invitación especial y muy importante a nuestras diócesis locales en todo el mundo:

    Por favor, vean nuestros cursos teológicos que se ofrecen en nuestros programas de estudio en internet. Nuestra arquidiócesis metropolitana en los EE.UU. e Italia han comenzado a involucrarse en los programas.

    La Casa de Estudios Litúrgicos de la Catedral de San Antonio. Por favor visita la página web arriba. 

    La Casa de Estudios Litúrgicos de la Catedral de San Antonio se centrará en la preparación de los estudiantes...

    Por favor, contacte con el Sr. Gary Stasack:
    Correo electrónico:

    P. Dr. Tom Roberts
    Correo electrónico:

    para saber más y buscar consejo si tiene seminaristas, o laicos, que quieran asistir a los cursos.

    La variedad de estudios bíblicos, teológicos y litúrgicos son una gran ayuda para prepararse para las ordenaciones. 
    Y si no quiere ser un ministro en la iglesia, pero le gustaría ampliar y enriquecer su comprensión en estos campos de estudio, esta es una gran oportunidad que le ofrecemos. También estamos trabajando en una traducción al español para los cursos. 

    Realmente quería animarte a que formaras parte de nuestros programas de estudio. Te encantará. 

    Nunca es demasiado tarde para estudiar. 
    He estudiado 11 años en tres universidades diferentes para el Master, y dos Doctorados :o)

    Felicitaciones a la ordenación diaconal del Rev. Fabio Mascaro en junio de 2020, en Calabria, por nuestro Arzobispo Metropolitano, ++Agostino Caro. Muchas bendiciones sobre su nuevo ministerio. Le enviamos nuestras oraciones y saludos.

    Nuestra Arquidiócesis de Kenia Occidental ha ampliado los edificios de su escuela y orfanato, y casi ha terminado el nuevo edificio de la catedral en Bungoma. Nuestros cristianos locales trabajan muy duro para llevar a cabo esta tarea. Gracias a todos por su amor y trabajo!

    Estamos recibiendo nuevas solicitudes de antiguos sacerdotes romanos en nuestra Arquidiócesis de la India. 

    Oraciones especiales para todos nuestros cristianos en África que están sufriendo y siendo perseguidos por la guerra, el hambre y el odio!

    Por último: según las nuevas consultas de los nuevos miembros de nuestra Iglesia, un recordatorio para nuestras celebraciones eucarísticas en los diferentes ritos católicos y ortodoxos:

    En nuestras oraciones litúrgicas ecuménicas dentro de la Eucaristía, donde conmemoramos lo vivo en la Iglesia, siempre decimos, 

    "Oramos por el Obispo de Roma, el Papa Francisco, por el Patriarca Oriental, Bartolomé, por la Comunión Anglicana, el Arzobispo Justin, por nuestro Primado Ecuménico, el Arzobispo Karl,... (que es seguido por la mención de su obispo local de la CCE) y su pueblo que ha convocado aquí ante usted en la fe, y reunir a todos sus hijos en todo el mundo"


    Pace e saluti a tutti voi in tutta la nostra Chiesa mondiale, in questa Santa Festa di Pentecoste che celebra la Venuta e le Opere dello Spirito Santo, il Compleanno della Chiesa Cristiana!

        Pensando a tutti voi nelle nostre diverse chiese nel mondo, sono sempre commosso dal vostro amore e dal vostro servizio per tutto il popolo di Dio, e con il quale camminiamo uniti verso il Regno celeste.

        Attraverso i miei contatti personali con i nostri Nunzi, e con i molti di voi che mi scrivete personalmente, siamo legati da un sacro vincolo che lo Spirito Santo ci dona, l'Amore di Dio che emana per noi senza sosta. È proprio questa presenza divina dello Spirito Santo in mezzo a noi che continua a costruire la nostra Chiesa, e vediamo sempre più persone venire da noi in cerca di un luogo di comunità amorevole e accogliente dove si possa trovare anche la guarigione.    

        La Festa dello Spirito Santo di oggi ci ricorda quel potere divino che possiamo sperimentare nella nostra vita, i doni che egli mostra a ciascuno di noi secondo i nostri bisogni e le nostre capacità. 
        Riflettiamo tutti un po' sullo Spirito Santo con San Basilio il Grande, un vescovo del IV secolo che scrive in modo così bello sull'opera dello Spirito Santo:

    "I titoli dati allo Spirito Santo devono sicuramente agitare l'anima di chiunque li ascolti, e fargli capire che essi parlano di niente di meno che dell'Essere supremo. Non è forse chiamato lo Spirito di Dio, lo Spirito della verità che procede dal Padre, lo Spirito risoluto, lo Spirito guida? Ma il suo titolo principale e più personale è lo Spirito Santo.

    Allo Spirito si rivolgono tutte le creature nel loro bisogno di santificazione; tutti gli esseri viventi lo cercano secondo la loro capacità. Il suo respiro permette a ciascuno di raggiungere il proprio fine naturale.

    Lo Spirito è la fonte della santità, una luce spirituale, e offre la sua luce ad ogni mente per aiutarla nella sua ricerca della verità. Per natura lo Spirito è fuori dalla portata della nostra mente, ma possiamo conoscerlo per la sua bontà. La potenza dello Spirito riempie tutto l'universo, ma egli si dona solo a coloro che sono degni, agendo in ciascuno secondo la misura della sua fede.

    Semplice in se stesso, lo Spirito è molteplice nelle sue opere possenti. Tutto il suo essere è presente ad ogni individuo; tutto il suo essere è presente ovunque. Anche se condiviso da molti, egli rimane immutato; il suo dono di sé non è una perdita per se stesso. Come il sole, che permea tutta l'atmosfera, si diffonde sulla terra e sul mare, eppure è goduto da ciascuno come se fosse solo per lui, così lo Spirito effonde la sua grazia in piena misura, sufficiente per tutti, eppure è presente come se fosse esclusivamente a tutti coloro che possono riceverlo. A tutte le creature che condividono in lui egli dona un piacere limitato solo dalla propria natura, non dalla sua capacità di dare.

    Lo Spirito innalza i nostri cuori al cielo, guida i passi dei deboli e porta alla perfezione coloro che progrediscono. Egli illumina coloro che sono stati purificati da ogni macchia di peccato e li rende spirituali attraverso la comunione con se stesso.

    Come le sostanze chiare e trasparenti diventano molto luminose quando la luce del sole cade su di loro e risplendono di un nuovo splendore, così anche le anime in cui lo Spirito abita, e che sono illuminate dallo Spirito, diventano esse stesse spirituali e fonte di grazia per gli altri.

    Dallo Spirito viene la preveggenza del futuro, la comprensione dei misteri della fede, l'intuizione del significato nascosto della Scrittura e altri doni speciali. Attraverso lo Spirito diventiamo cittadini del cielo, entriamo nella felicità eterna e restiamo in Dio. Attraverso lo Spirito acquisiamo una somiglianza con Dio, anzi, raggiungiamo ciò che è al di là delle nostre più sublimi aspirazioni: diventiamo Dio". (Dal trattato sullo Spirito Santo, Cap. 9, 22-23)
        Preghiamo tutti per ricevere più doni dello Spirito Santo che Dio vuole farci condividere ed edificare la nostra Comunità, la Chiesa.

    Soprattutto in questi tempi difficili dell'umanità attraverso la pandemia, siamo saldi nella nostra Fede, radicati nella Sacra Scrittura, sempre pronti a servire, e pieni dell'amore divino che ci avvicina a Dio. 
    Voglio inviarvi tutte queste parole della prima Lettera dell'apostolo Giovanni 
    (4: 7-21)
    "7 Miei cari amici, amiamoci l'un l'altro, poiché l'amore è da Dio e tutti coloro che amano sono figli di Dio e conoscono Dio. 8 Chi non ama non conosce Dio, perché Dio è amore.9 Questa è la rivelazione dell'amore di Dio per noi, che Dio ha mandato il suo Figlio unigenito nel mondo perché noi potessimo avere la vita attraverso di lui. 10 L'amore consiste in questo: non siamo noi che abbiamo amato Dio, ma Dio ha amato noi e ha mandato suo Figlio per espiare i nostri peccati. 11 Miei cari amici, se Dio ci ha amati così tanto, anche noi dovremmo amarci l'un l'altro. 12 Nessuno ha mai visto Dio, ma finché ci amiamo l'un l'altro Dio rimane in noi e il suo amore raggiunge la sua perfezione in noi. 13 Questa è la prova che noi rimaniamo in lui e lui in noi, che ci ha dato una parte del suo Spirito. 14 Noi stessi abbiamo visto e testimoniamo che il Padre ha mandato suo Figlio come Salvatore del mondo. 15 Chiunque riconosce che Gesù è il Figlio di Dio, Dio rimane in lui e in Dio. 16 Noi stessi abbiamo riconosciuto e messo la nostra fede nell'amore che Dio ha per noi. Dio è amore, e chi rimane nell'amore rimane in Dio e Dio in lui/lei. 17 L'amore raggiunge la sua perfezione in noi quando possiamo affrontare il giorno del giudizio senza paura, perché anche in questo mondo siamo diventati come lui. 18 Nell'amore non c'è spazio per la paura, ma l'amore perfetto scaccia la paura, perché la paura implica una punizione e nessuno che ha paura è arrivato alla perfezione nell'amore. 19 Amiamoci, dunque, perché egli ci ha amati per primo. 20 Chi dice "Io amo Dio" e odia il fratello/sorella, è un bugiardo, perché chi non ama il fratello/sorella che vede non può amare Dio che non ha visto. 21 Infatti questo è il comandamento che abbiamo ricevuto da lui, che chi ama Dio, deve amare anche il fratello/sorella".

    Con le mie continue preghiere e le mie benedizioni apostoliche
    uniti nello Spirito Santo
    il vostro



    E' con grande gioia che annunciamo che dal maggio 2020 il nostro Arcivescovo Dr. Tony Scuderi, NOSF, ha accettato di essere il Protettore dell'Ordine dei Francescani dell'Eucaristia/Ordine dei Francescani Ecumenici sotto la guida del Reverendissimo Abate Padre Michael Cuozzo, OFE, M. Div. a Corona, California, Provincia di Santa Maria Theotokos. 

    Possa il nuovo servizio del nostro Arcivescovo Tony essere riempito con i doni dello Spirito Santo, e possano i membri sotto la guida del loro Abate Michael della Provincia di Santa Maria Theotokos crescere nel servizio del Signore. Saluti e benedizioni a tutti.

    Arcidiocesi Metropolitana degli Stati Uniti:
    Nostra Cattedrale di Sant'Antonio sta preparando i nostri Candidati per il Diaconato: Fr. Dr. Sam Fratczak, NOFS,  l'ordinazione per il 2020. 

    Fratello Morgan Meis, NOSF

    Sorella Carolyn George, NOSF

    Preghiere e benedizioni

    Un invito speciale alle nostre diocesi locali in tutto il mondo:

    Vi preghiamo di dare un'occhiata ai nostri corsi di teologia che vengono offerti nei nostri programmi di studio online. La nostra arcidiocesi metropolitana negli Stati Uniti e in Italia ha iniziato a partecipare ai programmi.

    La Casa di studi liturgici della Cattedrale di Sant'Antonio si concentrerà sulla preparazione degli studenti al ministero e dei laici ad approfondire i loro studi.

    Si prega di contattare:

    Il signor Gary Stasack:

    P. Dr. Tom Roberts

    per saperne di più e per chiedere consigli se avete seminaristi, o laici, che vorrebbero frequentare dei corsi.

    La varietà di studi biblici, teologici e liturgici è un ottimo modo per aiutare a prepararsi alle ordinazioni. 
    E se non volete essere un ministro nella chiesa, ma volete ampliare e arricchire la vostra comprensione in questi campi di studio, questa è una grande opportunità che vi offriamo. Stiamo anche lavorando a una traduzione in spagnolo per i corsi. 

    Volevo davvero incoraggiarti ad entrare a far parte dei nostri programmi di studio. Vi piacerà molto. 

    Non è mai troppo tardi per studiare. 
    Ho studiato 11 anni in tre diverse università per il Master e due dottorati :o)

    Congratulazioni per l'ordinazione del Diaconato di Rev. Fabio Mascaro nel giugno 2020, in Calabria, da parte del nostro Arcivescovo Metropolita, ++Agostino Caro. Tante benedizioni sul suo nuovo ministero. Le inviamo le nostre preghiere e i nostri saluti.

    La nostra Arcidiocesi del Kenya occidentale ha ampliato gli edifici della sua scuola/orfanotrofio e ha quasi finito il nuovo edificio della cattedrale di Bungoma. I nostri cristiani locali lavorano sodo per portare a termine questo compito. Grazie a tutti voi per il vostro amore e il vostro lavoro!

    Stiamo ricevendo nuove richieste da parte di ex sacerdoti romani nella nostra arcidiocesi dell'India. 

    Preghiere speciali per tutti i nostri cristiani in Africa che soffrono e sono perseguitati dalla guerra, dalla carestia e dall'odio!

    Ultimo: come da nuove richieste di nuovi membri della nostra Chiesa, un promemoria per le nostre Celebrazioni Eucaristiche nei diversi Riti Cattolici e Ortodossi:

    Nelle nostre preghiere liturgiche ecumeniche all'interno dell'Eucaristia, dove commemoriamo i vivi nella Chiesa, diciamo sempre, 

    "Preghiamo per il Vescovo di Roma, Papa Francesco, per il Patriarca orientale, Bartolomeo, per la Comunione Anglicana, l'Arcivescovo Justin, per il nostro Primate Ecumenico, l'Arcivescovo Karl,... (che è seguito dalla menzione del vostro vescovo locale dell'ECCC) e del vostro popolo che avete convocato qui davanti a voi nella fede, e riunite tutti i vostri figli nel mondo intero".

August 5th, Saint Afra, A. D. 2020

(Please share with all your people! Por favor compartir con toda su gente!)

Peace to you, Sisters and Brothers in Christ!

Hope you are all doing well in this time of the pandemic. It does give us time of reflection and soul searching.
My prayer life has increased. God is leading in all.

I wanted to share with you a survey that I already too. As you know we are also consultors of the CCRI (Catholic Church Reform International) that has members of Roman Catholic Church and other Christian denominations as well.

The Reform issues that are shown the ones we have also in our Manifesto from 1999. 
Please answer the survey, it would be a great help to foster the reforms within the Roman Church and the desire of so many Catholics to see a new Face of the Church.

Thank you.


I wanted also to welcome a New Congregation of Sisters in India who are joining our New Order of St. Francis, NOSF. Special thanks to our Nuncio for Asia, Archbishop Dr. Sunny Alappat who is guiding them and also will be their Superior as the Metropolitan Archbishop of India. 

We also congratulate Fr. Adalberto from Cuba who was ordained by our Archbishop Agostino Caro in Licata, Italy. 

We also welcome Fr. Frank Souza who is joining our worldwide Communion. He currently lives in Pennsylvania.

With my prayers for you all
Be blessed in our Good Lord
And stay safe in these trying times.


Peace to you all,

Hope you are all doing well.

Sending you my greetings and best wishes for this 3rd sunday of Easter.
In these trying times, please keep staying at home and be safe. We hear now that many young people are also having problems with the covid19 virus, from strokes to blood clotting, etc.

I want to also reassure you -contrary to some extremist evangelical preachers out there- that God is not an ally of misery and evil. 
The Pandemic has nothing to do with God's wrath for Humanity!

We have our free will, and morally speaking nature has a certain freedom as well, different from ours though.
God wants healing among us and to restore our existence with health, Love and Peace.

I want to share with you an excerpt from a sermon of a Franciscan Priest, Fr. Cantalamessa (the house chaplain of the Pope), it is a little long, but I hope you take the time to read it, it is very helpful to understand a little of what is going on right now with the pandemic:

"The cross is better understood by its effects than by its causes. And what were the effects of Christ’s death? Being justified through faith in him, being reconciled and at peace with God, and being filled with the hope of eternal life! (see Rom 53:1-5).

But there is one effect that the current situation can help us to grasp in particular. The cross of Christ has changed the meaning of pain and human suffering—of every kind of suffering, physical and moral. It is no longer punishment, a curse. It was redeemed at its root when the Son of God took it upon himself. What is the surest proof that the drink someone offers you is not poisoned? It is if that person drinks from the same cup before you do. This is what God has done: on the cross he drank, in front of the whole world, the cup of pain down to its dregs. This is how he showed us it is not poisoned, but that there is a pearl at the bottom of this chalice.

And not only the pain of those who have faith, but of every human pain. He died for all human beings: “And when I am lifted up from the earth,” he said, “I will draw everyone to myself” (Jn 12:32).

Everyone, not just some! St. John Paul II wrote from his hospital bed after his attempted assassination, “To suffer means to become particularly susceptible, particularly open to the working of the salvific powers of God, offered to humanity in Christ.” Thanks to the cross of Christ, suffering has also become in its own way a kind of “universal sacrament of salvation” for the human race.

What light does all of this shed on the dramatic situation that the world is going through now? Here too we need to look at the effects more than at the causes—not just the negative ones we hear about every day in heart-wrenching reports but also the positive ones that only a more careful observation can help us grasp.

The pandemic of Coronavirus has abruptly roused us from the greatest danger individuals and humanity have always been susceptible to: the delusion of omnipotence. 
A Jewish rabbi has written that we have the opportunity to celebrate a very special paschal exodus this year, that “from the exile of consciousness”. It took merely the smallest and most formless element of nature, a virus, to remind us that we are mortal, that military power and technology are not sufficient to save us. As a psalm says, “In his prime, man does not understand. He is like the beasts—they perish” (Ps 49:21). How true that is!
While he was painting frescoes in St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, the artist James Thornhill became so excited at a certain point about his fresco that he stepped back to see it better and was unaware he was about to fall over the edge of the scaffolding. A horrified assistant understood that crying out to him would have only hastened the disaster. Without thinking twice, he dipped a brush in paint and hurled it at the middle of the fresco. The master, appalled, sprang forward. His work was damaged, but he was saved.

God does this with us sometimes: he disrupts our projects and our calm to save us from the abyss we don’t see. But we need to be careful not to be deceived. God is not the one who hurled the brush at the sparkling fresco of our technological society. God is our ally, not the ally of the virus! He himself says in the Bible, “I have . . . plans for your welfare and not for woe” (Jer 29:11). If these scourges were punishments of God, it would not be explained why they strike equally good and bad, and why the poor usually bring the worst consequences of them. Are they more sinners than others?

No! The one who cried one day for Lazarus' death cries today for the scourge that has fallen on humanity. Yes, God "suffers", like every father and like every mother. When we will find out this one day, we will be ashamed of all the accusations we made against him in life. God participates in our pain to overcome it. "Being supremely good” - wrote St. Augustine - “God would not allow any evil in his works, unless in his omnipotence and goodness, he is able to bring forth good out of evil.”[4]

Did God the Father possibly desire the death of his Son in order to draw good out of it? No, he simply permitted human freedom to take its course, making it serve, however, his own purposes and not those of human beings. This is also the case for natural disasters like earthquakes and plagues. He does not bring them about. He has given nature a kind of freedom as well, qualitatively different of course than that of human beings, but still a form of freedom—freedom to evolve according to its own laws of development. He did not create a world as a programmed clock whose movements could all be anticipated. It is what some call “chance” but the Bible calls instead “the wisdom of God.”

The other positive fruit of the present health crisis is the feeling of solidarity. When, in human memory, have the people of all nations ever felt themselves so united, so equal, so less in conflict than at this moment of pain? Never so much as now have we experienced the truth of the words of a great Italian poet: “Peace, you peoples! Too deep is the mystery of the prostrate earth.” Giovanni Pascoli.

The virus knows no borders. In an instant it has broken down all the barriers and distinctions of race, nation, religion, wealth, and power. We should not revert to that prior time when this moment has passed. As the Holy Father has exhorted us, we should not waste this opportunity. Let us not allow so much pain, so many deaths, and so much heroic engagement on the part of health workers to have been in vain. Returning to the way things were is the “recession” of which we should have the most fear.

The word of God tells us the first thing we should do at times like these is to cry out to God. He himself is the one who puts on people’s lips the words to cry out to him, at times harsh words and almost of accusation: “Awake! Why do you sleep, O Lord? / Rise up! Do not reject us forever! . . . Rise up, help us! / Redeem us in your mercy” (Ps 44, 24, 27). “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?” (Mk 4:38).

Does God perhaps like to be petitioned so that he can grant his benefits? Can our prayer perhaps make God change his plans? No, but there are things, St. Matthew explains, that God has decided to grant us as the fruit both of his grace and of our prayer, almost as though sharing with his creatures the credit for the benefit received. God is the one who prompts us to do it: “Seek and you will find,” Jesus said; “knock and the door will be opened to you” (Mt 7:7).

When the Israelites were bitten by poisonous serpents in the desert, God commanded Moses to lift up a serpent of bronze on a pole, and whoever looked at it would not die. Jesus appropriated this symbol to himself when he told Nicodemus, “Just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the desert, so must the Son of Man be lifted up, so that everyone who believes in him may have eternal life” (Jn 3:14-15). We too at this moment have been bitten by an invisible, poisonous “serpent.” Let us gaze upon the one who was “lifted up” for us on the cross. Let us adore him on behalf of ourselves and of the whole human race. The one who looks on him with faith does not die. And if that person dies, it will be to enter eternal life.

"After three days I will rise", Jesus had foretold (cf. Mt 9:31). We too, after these days that we hope will be short, shall rise and come out of the tombs our homes have become. Not however to return to the former life like Lazarus, but to a new life, like Jesus. A more fraternal, more human, more Christian life!"

Be all blessed