Ecclesia Catholica Ecumenica Christi
The Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ
Ökumenische Katholische Kirche Christi
Iglesia Católica Ecuménica de Cristo

Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Caribbean, Cuba, Europe
Hong Kong, Latin America, New Zealand, Philippines, USA

Explanation of the International Coat of Arms of the ECCC
It is taken from the Ephesians 1:10 and expresses our church's desire to strive for unity among all churches through prayer an active dialog. The bottom of the Coat of Arms shows the symbol of Christ, Christos (the two letters the from the Greek alphabet, Chi and Rho, meaning "Christ"). Christ, also the Alpha and Omega (beginning and end). The Son of God who brings salvation, is the one who calls upon all people on this earth (seen in upper site of coat of arms) to again come near to God, the creator of the Universe. The band of the Fleur de lis, (the flower of the lily), a heraldry sign of innocence is by which Christ works through us in the world as seen in the upper half of the coat of arms. On top of the coat of arms we see in the center the cross sign that we are saved through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross; on the left and right side we see the praying hands symbolizing the worship of all people coming together with Christ in our midst to praise him for our salvation. Above we see the Holy Spirit who gave birth to the church, and through the Holy Spirit the church has experienced reforms throughout the ages. The Sunrise is the sign of the "aggiornamento" (the dawning of a new day) that Pope John XXIII. proclaimed, enjoining us to read the signs of the times.
Jambo,Bywj,Boa vinda,Benvenuto!

Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Caribbean, Cuba, Europe
Hong Kong, Latin America, New Zealand, Philippines, USA

Enjoy this Video! Think about that we are all the human family bond by Love not hatred. May we all understand the ultimate source of our Existence which is Love.

Laudetur Jesus Christus! Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ!


Peace to you, brothers and sisters in Christ!

                                                It is with great joy to welcome you to our International Church Website!

In our short Church history since the mid 1990’s, we as priests and lay people from the Roman Catholic Church and other Catholic Rites are looking for reforms and renewal in the Churches, seeking active ecumenical dialogue, fostering Unity among the Christian Churches.
Through a time of prayer and reflection, we wrote our Church’s “Manifesto” in 1999. Since then our Church has grown worldwide because we offer an alternative Catholic Church. Our clergy men and women who are Bishops, Priests, Deacons, Religious, and Lay Ministers are actively involved in pastoral care serving all of God’s people living with Christ in our midst as a new Creation in Christ. In the Caritas Christi, married, celibate clergy, and lay ministers are serving in the Holy Spirit side by side as this was common practice for more than a thousand years in the Church. Our missionaries are building new communities, serving the poor, visiting the ill, reaching out for people from all walks of life who seek spiritual renewal, healing, also being involved in education, giving spiritual retreats, and expanding our worldwide orphanages.
In 2010, we acquired St. Anthony Roman Catholic Church in Detroit, and it has become our Cathedral and international headquarters. As the Lord said, “Come and see”, we invite you to read our “Manifesto”, and discover our worldwide Church communities where Catholics and Christians from different Rites come together, seeking and living Unity in Essentials, and Diversity in Non-Essentials. We celebrate the holy liturgies according to the Novus Ordo, different Catholic Traditions, and where requested also the Latin Mass.
Archbishop Karl is also a Consultor for the Worldwide Catholic Movement (over 4 Million strong) for Renewal. A signed letter was sent to Pope Francis on November 1st, 2013. We are also involved with the Detroit Clergy Gathering, striving for social justice and equality in our society.
Our Cathedral Abbey of St. Anthony is also a member of the Roman Catholic movement of "Elephants in the Living Room" which seeks to keep the ideas and reform issues of the Second Vatican Council alive, seeking active dialog and Reform.
Come and see our Church!
Wherever you are in this world, and whatever is your struggle in Life, you are welcome to our Church!
In the Spirit of Unity and Love, I am sending you and your loved ones, our prayers and benedictions.

++Karl Rodig, D. Min., Mag. Theol.
Presiding Bishop of the ECCC

“The Church must be concerned not just with herself and her relationship of union with God, but with human beings as they really are today.”
(Pope Paul VI concluding the Second Vatican Council, December 1965)

"More than by fear of going astray, my hope is that we will be moved by the fear of remaining shut up within structures which give us a false sense of security, within rules which make us harsh judges, within habits which make us feel safe, while at our door people are starving." - Pope Francis

                ¡Paz para todos Ustedes, queridos hermanos y hermanas en Cristo!

¡Es un gran placer el darles la bienvenida a la nueva Web Internacional de nuestra Iglesia!

Durante nuestra breve historia desde los años noventas, nosotros los sacerdotes y los laicos de La Iglesia Católica Romana y de las otras Iglesias de los Ritos Católicos estamos buscando reformas y un aggiornamento en las Iglesias a través de un diálogo ecuménico activo que promueva la Unidad entre las Iglesias Cristianas.

Después de un período de oración y de reflexión escribimos el Manifiesto de nuestra Iglesia en el año 1999. Desde esa fecha nuestra Iglesia ha crecido a nivel mundial porque ofrecemos una iglesia católica alternativa. Nuestro clero hombres y mujeres que son Obispos, Sacerdotes, Diáconos, Religiosos y Ministros Laicos, han estado envueltos activamente en el cuidado pastoral, sirviendo a todo el pueblo de Dios con Cristo en el centro como una nueva Creación de Jesucristo. Dentro de La Caridad Cristiana (Caritas Christi), como era la práctica común por más de mil años, sacerdotes casados, sacerdotes célibes y ministros laicos, han estado laborando codo con codo y sirviendo a la Iglesia bajo la unción del Espíritu Santo.

Nuestros misioneros han creado nuevas comunidades, sirviendo a los pobres, visitando a los enfermos, evangelizando a todos los que buscan crecimiento espiritual, sanando, educando, dirigiendo retiros espirituales y expandiendo nuestros orfanatos a nivel mundial.

Tal como dijo El Señor, “Vengan y vean”, les invitamos a leer nuestro Manifiesto para que constaten la existencia de nuestras comunidades a nivel mundial, donde católicos y cristianos de diferentes Ritos trabajan juntos practicando la Unidad en Esencia y Diversidad en Non-Esencias. Celebremos las liturgias según el Novo Ordo y en las liturgias católicas diferentes, incluyendo a la Misa en Latín para aquellos que lo solicitan.

“Vengan y vean” a nuestra Iglesia Católica Ecuménica de Cristo en acción.

Dondequiera que se encuentren en este mundo en el espíritu de la Unidad y del Amor, les envío mis oraciones y bendiciones junto a sus seres queridos.

+ Karl Rodig, D. Min., Mag. Theol.
Primado Ecuménico